The Church of Christ in Thailand

The NTC Group, Cambodia and the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) understand this partnership to be in no way exclusive and we acknowledge and respect each other's selfhood.  

1. We affirm the partnership of the NTC Group and the Church of Christ in Thailand (CCT) and realize that we are called to partner together to promote education for all and social sustainable development.

2. Both parties shall provide opportunities for short or long term exchanges of personnel (such as teachers, students and specialists) for mutual enrichments. In terms of the bilateral aspects of this agreement, the following points are noted:

2.1 To exchange information, to build capacity and to engage in working partnerships in order to fulfil our goal of mutual solidarity.

2.2 To establish the mechanism for exchange of the syllabuses, the teachers and principals. Both sides will send leaders and teachers to carry out short-term educational visits, exchanges and other activities;

2.3 To establish the mechanism of students’ exchange and learning. Both sides will send students to carry out educational and cultural exchange activities mutually, in the form of students’ camp and group activities to learn and exchange. 

3. In principle, each party shall be responsible for financial expenses incurred by its members in the carrying out of joint-projects. If it is necessary other arrangements may be made by mutual agreement. 

This agreement may be modified or may be annulled with the mutual consent. The 90-day notice shall be given in the event that either parties wishes to amend or discontinue the agreement. During the 90-days period, there will be a good faith effort from all parties to engage in conversations that may amend any disagreement. If a resolution cannot be reached at the end of 90-day period, than this document shall become null and void.



MoU Signing Ceremony
Date: 2015-07-20
SPS Debate Competition
Date: 2015-07-15
Khmer New Year 2016
Date: 2016-04-11

Management Team

Chea Thilay
General Director
Khim Phon
Chief Executive Officer
Chea Tola
Administration Director
Kong Veasna
Education Director