Kong Veasna, Education Director

Personal Data

Mr. KONG Veasna is a self-directed, enthusiastic, resourceful educator with a passionate commitment to teachers and students development and skilled in the design of challenging, enriching and innovative activities that address the diverse interests and needs of students. With his outstanding communication skills, he presents information in a variety of ways by emphasizing relevance of class materials to the world beyond the classroom. He is an active team member who effectively collaborates with all levels of staff and establishes quality relationship with people surrounding.

Educational and Professional Background

He has involved with English Language Teaching (ELT) for 15 years, teaching and directing various English programs in NTC Group, especially in Sovannaphumi School. Furthermore, he has also worked as branch manager, recruitment and personnel officer, adult academic manager, principal and Chief Academic Officer.  He has attended several ELT conferences in Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and United States of America and conducted TESOL training program in Sovannaphumi Training Center (STC) for 23 promotions. He earned certificate of English teaching pedagogy from National Institute of Education (NIE), Bachelor Degree of Project, Program Development Management and Master of Education in TESOL (PUC).

He is currently an Academic Director in Academic Department of Sovanaphumi School.

Professional Goals

Mr. KONG Veasna is attentively committed to achieving his professional and organizational goals with three main domains:
  1. With a full commitment to be a local and international recognized teacher educator who is passionate to the quality of education. He believes that teachers are the soul of education. The more qualified teachers are, the more quality of learning might be improved in the place.
  2. Being more important and active role player in reinforcing the vision and missions of the organization by putting a high value on love, care and responsibility.
  3. Becoming an immediate and prestigious human resource that can help even more people in the field of education not because of where they are from, what they look like, but the content of their characters.
MoU Signing Ceremony
Date: 2015-07-20
SPS Debate Competition
Date: 2015-07-15
Khmer New Year 2016
Date: 2016-04-11

Management Team

Chea Thilay
General Director
Khim Phon
Chief Executive Officer
Chea Tola
Administration Director
Kong Veasna
Education Director